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Trap 450 Oil Pen Kit

Trap 450 Oil Pen Kit

  • 1599

Trap 450 Oil Pen Kit By Mig Vapor

Product Description:

The TRAP 450 will make your oil vaping life easier. With our new removable 510 tank and ease to fill the tank you will be in heaven. The TRAP 450 is available in Black. A working ManŠ—Ès OIL PEN, we have something for everybody!
The designers at Mig Vapor took both aesthetics and function into consideration when creating the TRAP 450.

The TRAP 450 is super-easy to use; it produces the amazing quality of vapor. This vape pen even comes with everything you need, well... except the oil.

In The Box:

1 X Trap 450 Power Batteryξ
1 X USB charger
1 X Trap 510 Ready to Fill Vape Tank
1 X Manual
1 X Very Cute Gift Box


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